Monday, December 1, 2008

lemony spinach

I'm a spinach girl, and lately I've been buying tons of the stuff. I've been using it in everything (everything, that is, except my toddler's meals--the only thing green he'll eat is nori).

The other day I found this really easy recipe for wilting spinach in the microwave, and it actually worked awesomely well and was tasty to boot. Couldn't ask for more.

I didn't measure anything, just washed the leaves...

Added some olive oil (instead of the butter the recipe calls for), lemon juice, and minced garlic, covered it with plastic wrap, nuked it, stirred it, and voila!


inland empire restaurant and food reviews said...

This is a great idea alot healthier than butter and salt!!

Ivy said...

What a great idea. I love spinach as well.

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

Inland, yes, and VERY yummy! It all works really well together.

Ivy, glad I found that idea online! How do you cook spinach in Greece?