Friday, January 28, 2011

smorgasbord snacks strike again

Elder Bean had three pieces of cheese cut into shapes (the number four - for his age, a star, and an airplane), some organic animal crackers, cold cooked honey-ginger carrots, dates, and our favorite kind of nori (Korean toasted and salted seaweed). For the cheese, I use small metal cookie cutters I bought at 100-yen stores while we were in Japan.

Younger Bean's ice tray contained similar cut-out pieces of cheese (but his had the number two), plus some cashews, which he adores.


Maggie said...

Very cute presentation, now if I could just find a way to attach the ice cube tray to the table so it won't be thrown down... My son Alex and I are addicted to the Korean seaweed too. We've tried making our own but it's never as good.

Tiffany said...

How fun! We may have to try this..