Wednesday, September 3, 2008

spam in a can

I've never had Spam in my life (other than in my inbox), and my friend Julie wanted me to try it, so when they came to visit us from another island in Japan where they reside, she bought some for me. We went to the Foreign Buyers' Club about 40 minutes from here and while I was buying my usual lentils, toasted wheat germ, and Celestial Seasons decaf vanilla maple tea, Julie got a surprise for me!

So my question is this: How do you guys use Spam? I'm a little reluctant to try it but J assured me I would like it. It's the spreadable kind, so do you put it on a sandwich? With sprouts? What? When I was a kid my mom used to sometimes buy Vienna sausages in a can (probably nothing to do with Vienna at all), spread mustard on a cracker, slice the sausages, and lay those suckers on there. I liked those, so I think I might like this, just not sure how to use it. And I love Julie's cooking, so I trust her instincts, I'm just...I don't know...wondering what to do with the Spam.

Spam me and let me know what you think.

(By the way, thanks again, Julie!)


Kim said...

I married a SPAM lover, but we have never had the spreadable stuff. I would probably mix relish with it and drained yogurt or sour cream and spread it on some bread and, maybe add some cheddar cheese. Hmmm.

The pickle spice should be in the mail tomorrow!!! Buy your cucumbers! SMILE!

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

Oh, wow, awesome! I can't wait! Thank you SO much!

That sounds like a cool way to eat it, and once I make my relish, I can do it that way. Yum.

Lisa said...

Hey Abigail,
I have to say I married a SPAM lover too, and am now one myself. However I haven't had the spreadable kind. I make spam on a bagel or english muffin with cheese and egg!! Enjoy!