Tuesday, September 9, 2008

in a pickle

A new blogging friend, sweet Kim, took pity on my pickling-spice-lessness and sent me some from her area of Japan (northeast of here). She's also got a great-looking recipe for pickle relish I'm drooling to try, so stay tuned to mamatouille FM for some sweet-and-sour pickling madness!

Oh, and her adorable daughter, Jun, added her own special yellow-tape touch to the envelope. Thanks, Jun! I love the Alaskan card, too.


Teresa said...

Beware of Pickle recipes! Holly and I tried to recreate her grandma's NO FAIL pickles... yep, we FAILED!!! We followed the direction to the "t". Neither one of us knows what went wrong, but the up side is now her mom has to give us pickles and can't say... you should make them yourself!! (It's so much easier to have a mom make them!!) I'm sure you won't have the problem that whoops and whoops pickling company had!!

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

Oh, that's too funny! We'll have to see how it goes for me. Fingers crossed!