Friday, September 12, 2008

gussied-up tuna salad

We're still in salad season over here in the Far East - I hate to make hot meals when I don't have to (the kitchen is a furnace, I tell you - and with no central air and a big wall blocking the flow from the living-room wall unit, I don't want to spend too much time in there).

So this was our din-dins the other night: Just mix canned tuna with chopped walnuts, raisins, some seasoned salt, and enough mayo to stick it all together (but not too much - I haven't ever been overly excited by mayo), slap it on some salad leaves along with whatever veggies/fruits you like, and some sliced boiled egg (nicely peeled) to go with. I did take a piccie of it all laced with some nice vinaigrette dressing, but the salad must've been a little too happy about that because the pic came out blurry.

So the undressed version will have to do (if you can handle that kind of shamelessness).

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