Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th food

I realize it's now the 9th but better late than never, right?

We had lovely sweet organic watermelon, braided honey-wheat pretzel sticks, corn on the cob--freshly shucked by Hubby Bean and Joel Bean, homemade coleslaw, organic chemical-free beef hot dogs, homemade hamburgers (organic ground beef, eggs, breadcrumbs, seasonings) that my friend said were the best and moistest she's ever had, kosher dill cocktail pickles, fresh tomatoes from the vine, lettuce from my garden, oven fries, sparkling lemonade and sparkling pomegranate juice.

Dessert: individual angel food cakes with coconut-water raspberry sorbet and coconut-water lemonade sorbet, blueberries, homemade raspberry sauce (the little bit of fresh lemon juice really made it outstanding), and mint from the garden.

Sunflowers to grace the table...


Holly said...

Oh my! What a spread! That is some serious summer lovin' for the soul.

Kim said...

WOW!!!!! I'm speechless! Invite me next year, yeah? SMILE!