Saturday, July 16, 2011

i think we're turning japanese...

When we miss Japan (which is a lot, to be honest), I pull some of our old favorites out of a hat. Our tummies are warmed and in turn, our hearts.

You can't beat red (aka) miso soup with a stick, but stick your chopsticks in and slurp right up. This batch had enoki mushrooms, collard greens, daikon radish, carrots, onions, and our newest obsession: Island Spring organic tofu, made across the Puget Sound on Vashon Island. Gorgeous stuff.


Salad with greens from my garden, grated carrots, tomatoes, edamame, and Japanese sesame dressing.

Ginger carrots, though not necessarily Japanese in origin, go really well with a Japanese meal. I used to follow the recipe from More with Less but I've made it so often I just wing it now: Boil some chopped carrots, drain the water, then add butter, powdered ginger, and either honey or brown sugar.

And you can never, ever have a Japanese dinner without a big bowl of sticky white rice.

More Japanese food coming up soon, including a couple of obento and okazu...

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