Friday, August 21, 2009

balsamic (soy)bean dippy spread

Thanks for your suggestions and helping me use up what I've got left before we head off across the Pacific for our big move (still doesn't seem real--after 8 years in Japan, life in America will be a bit different!).

I neglected to mention I have 1.5 bottles of balsamic vinegar (got them on sale!), so I was thinking balsamic + beans = ?

Bean dip! Found the recipe I liked at Epicurious (came to them via Bon Appetit, apparently). Of course I changed a few things, as I am wont to do, and instead of cannellini beans I used soybeans (it took 3 small cans at 140 g each). I also added minced garlic, seasoned salt, and instead of using sun-dried tomato oil, I just dolloped on some olive oil with the balsamic, and chopped some fresh basil to strew across. (The soybeans I use come in a dry-pack can, so they are harder and drier than cannellini. I had to add a bit of water to the processor to get it to a good consistency.)

We used it as a spread on baguettes, but of course you could take a dip in it if you like. We LOVED LOVED LOVED this and I highly recommend it--a nice blend of creamy olive-oily beans with the spiky sour hit of the vinegar. Lovely.


K and S said...

sounds so good! glad you are finding ways to use up the things in your pantry :)

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

K and S - Thanks! And thanks for your suggestions - I'm looking forward to making 3-bean salad soon. Yum.

K and S said...

look forward to seeing your recipe for 3-bean salad :)

The Duo Dishes said...

This would work well with white beans too. Or garbanzos. Yum.

Cate said...

oh this looks so good... and the cans are so cute! the japanese are truly the kings and queens of cuteness.

so excited to see what comes next in the countdown to a bare pantry, abigail.