Saturday, August 23, 2008


One of my all-time faves is the pork and Korean kimchi onigiri that you can buy at 7-11 recently here in Japan, though it's probably one of those kisetsu gentei things (only available for a limited time) and I doubt it will be around long. I keep my fingers crossed and my taste buds salivating every time I head for the store, hoping beyond hope that it will still be there. It's the kind of thing that gets dried out and gross if you keep it for more than a day (like manna, I guess) so you have to grab it while you can.

Basically it's a rice triangle with filling inside, wrapped in crunchy salted Korean seaweed, and all surrounded by a plastic jacket (in case it gets cold in this summer weather).

First you pull the #1 (obviously) down from the top and around the back, all the way to the top again.

Then you start pulling on #2 and #3, out to the sides, until they come off completely.

And there you've got yourself one fine filly of a snack.

They come in all different flavors (tuna, salmon, pickled plum, etc.) but I love me some kimchi! Bring it on! (I found out today that Matthew loves it, too, so next time I'm getting him his own so he'll keep his grubby paws off my food. You don't wanna get between a breastfeeding mama and her chow.)


eyes that don't see said...

ummMMMMM soooO Yummy!! :( I wish we have them in North America.

eyes that don't see said...

I can't stop looking at your pictures :( I want!

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

eyes that don't see, I'm glad you like the onigiri, though now this flavor is gone from 7-11. They always have new flavors, but this was my favorite one. I wish they had them in North America, too!