Monday, August 25, 2008

yummy movies

Food and movies are two of my favorite things, and when the two collide - even more funtastic!

Partially inspired by this post on The Conscious Kitchen blog (though I'm not making any of this), I offer you a few of the best food scenes in movies (in my humble opinion):
  • Moonstruck is full of yummy-looking Italian-American meals and lots of champagne-drinking to boot. I love when Cher's mom is in the Italian restaurant and the professor-guy at the table next to her gets a glass of something thrown on him (for the umpteeth time) by a much-too-young thing. Olympia Dukakis tells him how it is (with her flair for deadpan humor) and they become friends.
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding is my go-to film for starches. How could anybody forget the huge mound of potatoes the mom is peeling for the family get-together to meet the daughter's new fiance?
  • Anne of Avonlea has a scene where Anne is defending her short story that she wrote (which Diana has sent off to the Rollings Reliable Baking Powder Company for their short-story contest). Describing a cake-making scene in her story, Anne says something like, "It is well known that the ladies of old knew that the culinary arts also fed the soul." Amen, sister. (And I want to try making Marilla's plum puffs someday.)
  • When Harry Met Sally takes the cake when the sandwich-eating Sally demonstrates faking the big "o" for an incredulous Harry and other deli-goers.
What's your favorite film food scene? Come on! Share already! We're waiting...but no pressure. Well, OK, a little bit of pressure.

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I have a Anne of Green Gables cook book!!! It has all the recipes that the book talks about!!