Monday, June 6, 2011

celebrating stephen with rhubarb trifle

Though I'd never heard of rhubarb trifle before, I love rhubarb and I love trifle and I thought of putting them together for one big blowout dessert for Stephen's birthday. And of course when I looked online, Delia Smith already had a recipe for it and had done the legwork for me. (The only things I changed were substituting candied orange peel on the top instead of toasted pecans and I changed out the Portuguese Madeira wine for a Spanish garnacha that my grocer recommended.)

It was lovely and more-ish!

I'm not going to copy the recipe here (see link above) because it's pretty long and involved, but basically, you start with making little orange marmalade sandwiches with pound cake and put those on the bottom of a big glass bowl...Link
Then you poke holes in the cake and pour on the wine so the pound cake soaks it all up. Next you bake the rhubarb in a separate pan with freshly squeezed orange juice, sugar, and orange peel. You let that cool then spread the rhubarb on top of the cake.

You boil the rhubarb juices with gelatine powder (and a little more of the wine, which wasn't in the recipe, I might add), let it cool a bit, then pour it over the rhubarb and marmalade cake sandwiches. That cools overnight in the fridge and you make fresh custard, mix it with Greek yogurt, and spread it over the top. That cools in the fridge and then you decadently serve it in bowls with cream poured over!

Thanks to Silas and Lydia, Dan and Amy, and Garrison and Cora for sharing Stephen's birthday trifle!

And the leftovers went to...the birthday boy.


K and S said...

what a great way to celebrate! happy belated birthday!

UK Mum said...

I will have to add that one to my growing list of rhubarb dishes as it sounds delicious and has been well tested by the birthday boy!
Love Mum