Thursday, August 5, 2010

red-bean smoothies

After going to an outdoor kids' concert to see Recess Monkey in Kirkland, Washington, the other day, we stopped by Cafe Happy (vegetarian Taiwanese style) on our way back to the car. Their red-bean smoothie was absolutely delish and I decided I had to try to make it for myself!

So I got myself down to an Asian market a few days later and bought a can of sweet red bean paste from Japan. Maybe you've heard of azuki beans? These were the mushed and smushed variety called an or anko.

I made one version with rice milk, ice, bean paste, spinach, cinnamon, and mixed frozen berries. Yum.

The other version was bean paste, ice, rice milk, spinach, and cinnamon. Also very yummy.


Cate said...

yummmmm! these sound amazing, abigail. i'm going to have to try this. we all love red beans. great idea.

Margot said...

Very interesting and healthy drinks, love it! :)