Sunday, June 14, 2009

snack bento for three

One box - three happy tummies (mama bean, preschooler bean, and toddler bean). A few peanut-butter balls (to which I added wheat germ as well this time), cashews, dried cranberries, two "baby cheese" in foil (toddler bean calls it "jeez"), and some purple sweet potato crunchy snacks (not dyed - actually made from purple sweet potatoes!).

Wheat germ exports me to another land...a land where little toasty crunchy bits make my mouth sing (though you probably couldn't understand the warbled tune because of the snackies in the way).

What do you tote along on outings where you'll know you'll get the munchies? And how do you pack it? In bento boxes? Ziploc bags? A shoe box? Your shoe?


Coffee and Vanilla said...

Peanut butter balls sound really yummy :)

Thistlemoon said...

What a yummy snack!

Cate said...

we're a huge fan of any kind of bars... i saw a recipe for homemade larabars somewhere and have been dying to try them. pb balls are on my list to make with the kids and take on our flight this weekend. so yummy, and, knowing my kids, i'm pretty sure that the flavors will be a hit.

yummy bento. we actually do take bento boxes with us. my brother brought us some back from japan (of course). for my son, shinkansen (sp?) and for my daughter, hello kitty.

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

Coffee and Vanilla - I'll bet your daughter would love peanut butter balls! She's so adventurous with her food. :)

Jenn - They were SO yummy! :)

Cate - Have fun on your trip! Make sure you post that larabar recipe if you make it and like it. I would love to get a shinkansen bento box for Matthew and Joel at some point - they are such fans of shinkansen. The ones they have now are just ones I found on sale. Anyway, I used to co-write a bento blog with The Lactivist (Jennifer Laycock), but we both ran out of steam for it and it's gone now. It was called BentoYum. :)

Ivy said...

This is a really very healthy snack and those peanut butter balls sound amazing.