Tuesday, April 3, 2018

matthew goes to germany (in the kitchen, at least)

Matthew is fascinated with the German language and culture! So last week he and I took a little trip to the computer for some research and then a visit to the kitchen to try out some German cooking. Here he is making the Bavarian cream. That was quite a lot of steps (eleven, to be exact). It involves heavy cream, milk, separating some eggs, sugar, vanilla, some cooking, an ice bath, a double boiler, and some refrigeration. Here's the method we used, though we topped it with a mango fruit sauce and not what they recommended (berry sauce or lemon juice). Matthew loves anything mango!
The full meal: Rosti potato pancakes (we cheated by not grating the potatoes ourselves--we bought a packet of ready-to-cook Swiss Rosti from Costco!), currywurst (sausages roasted and sliced with a fantastic ketchup-curry sauce), and German peas with bacon, sugar, and vinegar. Everything was so delicious and Matthew did a superb job.
And don't forget the Bavarian cream...

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