Wednesday, October 19, 2016

fried-tofu pizza crust

One of my neighbors has a thyroid specialist who gave her a recipe using fried tofu instead of a wheat crust for pizza. I didn't ask for the specific recipe, but I decided to run with it.

We have a tofu delivery lady who drives through our neighborhood every Friday evening, and I mentioned this idea to her. I told her that I don't eat dairy, but I wondered what she thought about using the tofu "cheese" that I sometimes buy from her. She was skeptical, but I told her I would try it anyway and let her know how it went.

So I purchased fried tofu and the tofu "cheese" from her, and made the unorthodox pizza for lunch today. You can see my husband's pizza on the left with dairy cheese, and the tofu version in the top photo and on the right in the photo below. It didn't melt, but it tasted spectacular. All four of us agreed that the tofu "cheese" version was the best. 
You'll need:

  • fried tofu
  • pizza toppings of choice (I used Canadian bacon, sliced boiled eggs, cheese (dairy or tofu), black pepper, parsley, and a squiggle of ketchup)
Do this:

Grab some olive oil and heat it up in a frying pan. Cook the fried tofu till crispy on one side, then flip. Add your toppings till heated and if you're using dairy cheese, it's melted. 

Plate it up and eat with a knife and fork. Then tell your tofu delivery lady that her skepticism was unwarranted, and show her the photos to prove it. Don't forget to thank her for her delicious tofu in all its various forms. 

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