Monday, March 21, 2016

paleo breakfasts

If you try to eat sort of Paleo-ish, here are a few of my recent breakie ideas:

1. Fried (in grapeseed oil) farm-fresh deep-orange-yolked eggs, sprinkled with salt and pepper and smothered in lettuce, green onions, and kimchi. Oh my! The lusciousness.
2. Leftover curried egg salad wrapped in natural ham (no dyes, no preservatives, no junk) and served with edamame. Superb.
3. Pumpkin muffins (recipe in Practical Paleo) made with coconut-flour, coconut oil, warm spices, and cranberries. All-natural uncured Canadian bacon (no preservatives, no junk, bought from Costco), tea with almond milk, and some warm water with gelatin dissolved in it (I drink this every morning for my joints).
What do you eat for breakfast? Any new ideas for me?

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