Tuesday, December 6, 2011

taiwanese steamed pumpkin buns

Our Taiwanese friends recently taught us how to make steamed pumpkin buns--from fresh pumpkin that she had roasted and pureed.

The ingredients were straightforward: flour, yeast, sugar (though not much), pumpkin, and half a cup of warm water, then you mix, let it rise, knead, roll it into a log shape, and cut into your desired size.

The next stage involves more rising (above some hot water)...

Then steaming on the stove...

She made an omelet to go with it, then sliced it into good sizes for putting into a bun...

The buns were delicious and it was such a fun treat to spend time cooking and chatting with our friends (they're now in Taiwan for a month and we will miss them!).

Happy travels, friends!

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