Monday, March 12, 2012

pear, cranberry, and gingersnap crumble

OK, I must confess that I haven't done any real baking in ages, and this recipe was actually in my archives, waiting patiently to be posted. (My just-turned-six-year-old did request key lime pies for his birthday party yesterday, but that's so easy--just 3 or 4 ingredients!) We've cut way back on sugar, dairy, and grain-carbs, and instead are focusing on meat, fish, eggs, beans, veggies, and fruits (not as a diet, just for health reasons). We're feeling good! (We're not saying no to anything when we're out at friends' homes, though.)

Anyway, I wish I had a box of these gingersnaps right now...I could eat a whole box of these puppies. They're what I used for the crust of this pear, cranberry, and gingersnap crumble from Smitten Kitchen.

I actually didn't have any lemon zest or white pepper on hand, but with these snappy cookies in the crust, I didn't feel it needed either.

Maybe I did add a wee bit of chopped crystallized ginger...I can never resist, and neither can the kiddiewinks. They'll eat a mouthful, guzzle water, and then beg for more ginger. Crazy beans! (I think they might just take after their mother. Maybe a teensy bit.)

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