Saturday, September 11, 2010

zucchini-lime quick bread

Though I've only got a small veggie garden in the backyard, the zucchini seems to enjoy it here in the Pacific Northwest and went a bit mad on ye olde multiplying. I made up my own zuke smoothies the other day and have tried out all sorts fun-ness, including my own take on a traditional quick bread.

You can find a zucchini quick bread recipe anywhere online (I used one from my favorite cookbook, More with Less) and instead of adding the staple spices (cinnamon, etc.), I zested and juiced two limes. (I also used half whole-wheat flour and half all-purpose.)

My two favorite little beans helped me put it all together and of course they've also been helping me nibble on it. I like mine with cream cheese! Maybe Mamatouille's a bit cheesy after all. (We knew that.)

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Margot said...

Looks delicious!
Thank you for your comment on my crumble, and thank you for asking, I'm fine, I was in the hospital to have a baby :)